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Take a trombone and create fiery rhythms in Trombone Champ! In this project, you will have an opportunity to play various compositions using a trombone. This unusual instrument will make you look at well-known songs from a new angle.

Beat the highest score

It is unbelievably easy to make sounds with a trombone. Use a mouse and follow the rhythm by moving it and matching the lines that rush across the screen. Try to fit perfectly and you will get a better result. Make fantastic combos and gain as many points as possible.

Although, there is a special regime that allows you not to click the buttons. All you need to do is to move your mouse. This is a cool variant for you, if you don’t have a very good reaction. But you will receive half as many points as in the original variant. You can perform more than 35 compositions of different genres. Improve your skills with every track and become the best player! Although, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as the wrong notes will make the song just more droll.

In addition, you are able to add custom tracks and add variety to the game. This feature allows you to play your favourite tracks in a funny and wonderful way. If you like, you can even create special effects and make your own level. Try it yourself and you won’t be able to stop!

While you are performing the songs, you will earn a certain amount of money that you can exchange for some goods. In particular, you can collect Tromboner Cards that tell you a lot of interesting information. Meet famous musicians, learn facts about the instrument itself and just laugh at some jokes or funny pictures.

Explore the universe full of trombones

Each level will test your skills and sense of music. Make the enchanting melodies of classics sound unique and catch the rhythms of funky pieces of the previous century. The gaming process will be even more enjoyable, as the background changes and moves with every level. You can even see the text underneath.

Also, your character adds to the performance by moving with your cursor. You can use the points you receive to change its appearance and give it a new colourful trombone to make the action amusing.

New features are added in Trombone Champ regularly, so you won’t get bored with the same songs. The recent update, for example, added new compositions along with a whole new mode! This Turbo mode will make the composition two times faster. Will you be brave enough to try it and get the highest rank?