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Trombone Champ Online

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In Trombone Champ, you can play the most diverse melodies on a trombone. Enjoy these funny sounds and blend them into a special composition. The game lets you play this magnificent instrument to your heart’s content and improve your skills. Or you can just relax and improvise unique rhythms.

Become the best of the best

If you ever dreamed of becoming a famous trombone player, this game can make your dreams come true. At least, you can train your reaction and learn the compositions that you like. Try to perform them all on a decent level. Even if you mess up, start from the very beginning and make your result rise. You won’t be able to move to the other level without completing the previous ones!

For accurate notes, you will receive grades. The higher the grade, the more points it will give you at the end. Be precise and make an attempt to give a flawless performance. This way, your rank will become higher and you will have a chance to turn into a real Trombone Champion!

Soon you will be able to compete with other tromboners as well! The new online rank list is waiting for you in the next update. You will be able to share your highest scores with everyone and see if you have already reached the peak of your abilities, or there are worthy opponents.

There will be a wide field for competitions, as the range of compositions is impressive. There is every genre that you can wish for and the difficulty can be adjusted to your preferences. You may decide that it is time for training or composing new songs, or challenge yourself with insane rhythms and speed. Check if you can master the most elaborate songs!

Make your concert outstanding

Every composition will become a concert and you have to play as well as you can. Each level has a separate style that perfectly complements the music. Trombone Champ makes your experience as amusing as possible, so while you will be entertaining yourself, you will encounter funny images of baboons. You can meet them literally at random moments!

Apart from that, you can change your character’s outfit and accessories along with altering the instrument to make your concerts more fun. And don’t forget to collect the cards! They contain cool information on everything you wanted to know about trombones. Although, some of the cards are just hilarious. Explore the world of fascinating music and show off your skills!