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Make the sound run freely and merge into beautiful melodies! Trombone Champ is a game that lets you create the most pleasant music. Using a trombone, generate different tunes that will test your ability to press the keys quickly and carefully listen to the rhythm at the same time.

Pick up a composition to your taste

The range of available compositions is truly incredible. You can find the well-known songs along with the new experimental ones. Thus, you are encouraged to try various genres and find the one you like the most. What makes the levels even more entertaining is that the background is unique for each of them. It is always pleasant when the picture complements the music!

If you feel that you have already mastered all the tracks that are available in the original project, you can try out several mods. They usually add new custom songs for you to play. Moreover, it is not that hard to add your favourite song to the game yourself! It would be so fun to perform some popular track on a trombone.

Also, mods allow you to completely change the image of your avatar. Besides the fact that you can alter some of the features in the initial Trombone Champ, now you can also replace it with some character from another project. The instrument can be adjusted as well. There is practically no limit to your inventiveness.

Feel the rhythm and perform to it

To play this title you don’t need any special skills. The only requirement is to listen to the composition and push the buttons to the melody. As easy as it sounds, some of the tracks will really become a challenge for you. The speed and the number of notes will increase the more levels you cover. Will you be able to catch up to the rhythm?

Although, there is a regime that will facilitate your mission. In this mode, you don’t need to click the buttons, so the songs nearly perform themselves! This will make your task a great deal easier. However, the score will not be so high, if you use this benefit.

You can also gather a full collection of the cards. They tell about interesting facts from the world of music and just entertain you with silly puns. If you want to obtain them all quicker, you can use certain hacks and enjoy them right away!