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Dancing Ballz

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Lead your character to the end of a deadly labyrinth in this amazing game. You will gain control of a small ball that is rolling straight forward until you make it turn. To make a turn, you only need to tap on the screen. However, you should have a good reaction, because if you do it too early or too late, the ball will fall and you will be forced to start over.

There are many cool races with their own obstacles and amazing music. Although, to gain access to each of them, you will need to deal with the previous ones. In the process of playing, you will be able to see the indicator on the left that will tell you how far is the finish.

You may also encounter little golden stars. Gather them and you will have an opportunity to change the ball to a funny character, such as a bunny, a crocodile, a pig and many more others. So check your skills and swiftness to get to the final level.