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Trombone Champ Game Online Free

Trombone Champ is an incredible rhythm game that will make you feel like a real musician. Play your trombone and recreate different melodies. Become the best trombone player known to this universe! You can play this funny game on your pc, although it supports gamepad as well.

Try yourself in many genres

The project offers you a huge range of compositions and you are able to choose whichever you want to play. The tracks vary in many aspects, such as in spunk, doots, slides, fury and tears. All these features combine and define the level of difficulty. Also, speed is really important. If you are not an experienced player yet, it will be better to select a chill, relaxing melody to train.

However, if you seek challenges, there is something to struggle with. Using the diagram on the left, decide if the composition is elaborate enough for you. You will see the highest scores above it, too. Master your performance to perfection and achieve the best result possible!

With every successful performance, you will unlock new songs. Although, the further you will go, the more complicated songs you will need to overcome. Some of them may seem nearly impossible, but with time, you will become proficient enough to finish all songs. But if you want to dive straight into the mad rhythms, you can apply hacks to gain access to all the unlocks.

The coolest aspect is that you can actually create music yourself! There is a free mode where you are free to experiment and construct your own compositions. Just grab your trombone and enjoy the beautiful sounds of it.

Performing on trombone has never been so easy!

The gameplay here is as simple as possible. You just have to move your mouse up and down to match the moving lines on the screen. Then you have to press the left button or any key to produce the sound.
Press the button just when the segment reaches the white line on the left. The better you will get in the timing, the more points you are going to receive. Try to make longer combos in order to improve your results and final grade. When you finish the track, you will be able to see how many points you needed to get a higher grade.

Besides, you will earn toots that function like money in this trombone universe. With the right amount of them, you can buy various things, such as new instruments and skins for your character. Customise your hero and give them a matching trombone!

Learn interesting facts about the musical field

One peculiar aspect of the game is that it also gives you little amazing facts on the topic. You will have an opportunity to find out more about the compositions and famous tromboners. Even the loading screens will give you some funny facts about this specific instrument.

Collect special cards and read about J.J. Johnson, Bill Watrous and more distinctive trombone players, along with the influential art pieces, variations of the instrument, musical signs and others. As the project is directed mostly on entertaining, the cards can be humorous or contain some silly details that will surely amuse you.