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Trombone Champ Rhythm

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Feel the funky rhythms of trombone in Trombone Champ! This title will give a full experience of giving a concert by honking and tooting with your trombone. This project is so fun that you won’t be able to stop. Once you try to play a song on a trombone, you will have an urge to perform every composition you know this way.

You are going to dive into the fantastic world of music. Soon enough you will realise that it is not so hard to control this instrument. In this particular project, the process is brought to the easiest level. Move your mouse up and down and click on the lines when they touch the line on the left. Be ready to move actively in order to catch up with bizarre rhythms.

While you are monitoring the screen, your avatar will repeat your movements and make it look like a solid concert. Its fantastic movements will also be accompanied with a shifting background, unique for each composition.

Besides, you can additionally choose the outfit for your character and change the appearance of the instrument. However, if you want to afford these upgrades, you need to play the tracks perfectly and get high ranks for them .

You may also want to assemble a whole collection of Tromboner Cards. Those are just little pieces of the information that will tell you about some peculiarities from the life of a trombone player. There are 50 of them in the game, so the task will not be one of the simplest. However, if you manage to gather them all, you will be greatly rewarded with additional content.