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Trombone Champ Unblocked

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Get your hands on a trombone and replay famous songs to make them more offbeat. Trombone Champ gives you the opportunity to learn how to perform on such an extraordinary instrument. Catch the hardest notes and create charming melodies. It is so easy to play, yet really captivating.

Make the melody flow freely

You are going to have a wide range of songs to complete. However, at the beginning you will need to practise. Select a special level for training and then head to the main compositions. There are a couple of difficulty levels, so select the compositions according to your current skills.

To start the track, you need to correspond to the segments that you see on the screen. They can be straight or curved, which means you have to move your mouse up or down when you toot. The combination of those may cause you some trouble, but once you figure out how to properly play this game, this will become a regular task for you.

In every song try to reach the highest rank in order to earn as many points as possible. Exchange them for funny accessories and trombone themes. In addition, you will also need the highest rank to reach the secret ending. You have to make everything perfect if you wish to get such a grade.

Apart from that, you will also need to collect mysterious keys and investigate part of the project, connected with baboons. Why do they keep appearing everywhere? You can randomly see them while you are performing and on special cards that you should gather. Solve this mystery yourself.

Improvise and invent new rhythms

The most stunning feature of this project is that it doesn’t limit your imagination in any aspect. If the standard list of compositions has already become familiar to you, why don’t you create something new? You can come up with a totally new track or try to perform the one you know.

In case you need some guidance with the last one, you can even download custom compositions. There is a great number of funny songs that will sound absolutely fantastic if you perform them on a trombone. So don’t hesitate to try something different!