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Scratchin’ Melodii

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Become a DJ and play stunning compositions in Scratchin’ Melodii! According to the plot, you are a young DJ named Melodii who desperately needs money to pay the debts. Compete with the other characters to solve your financial problems and get famous.

Repeat the melodies that your opponent makes to gain points. Press the buttons in time and follow the soundtrack. Manage to reach the end of the fantastic rap battle and you will be able to participate in the next one. So far, there are five levels, but more of them will be added soon. At the end of the level, you will get a grade for your funk, style and accuracy.

Take a look at the story and learn more about the characters and the town where the actions take place. You will have not only to fight them, but also to help some of the heroes with their troubles. In any case, everything becomes more exciting when you do it to the music!